#Job – .Net/ SharePoint Developer – Washington, DC/ #SharePointDeveloper #DotNET #Washington #DC

Role: .Net/ SharePoint Developer

Location: Washington, DC

Job Type: Permanent/ FTE


  1. SharePoint 2013 App model concept. Knows caching model in SharePoint and what we should do to make SharePoint work optimally, like BLOB caching, output cache etc. Security models in SharePoint.
  2. JavaScript/JQuery/Should be excellent. Should be aware of what impacts the performance of pages. Any JS framework is a +
  3. ASP.NET MVC –Should be excellent and knows where to use MVC and where to use pure JavaScript model.
  4. SOA Should be good in this and knows the ins and out of same. (Web API, SOAP, CORS issues etc.)
  5. RDMS concept OK in DB but should not be blank.
  6. Big data (Mongo DB)+ if knows the same.
  7. Should be hands-on for quick POC and should not rely on developers for POC."

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