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Role: Siebel Administrator

Location: Germantown, MD

Job Type: Contract-To-Hire/ Fulltime Employment


· Siebel server installation, configuration, patch management.

· Application monitoring and troubleshooting activities, deployment activities, environment refresh activities, weekend server restarts/maintenance activities, handling production tickets and production outages.

· Environment refresh: adding non-repository data, LOVs, workflows, runtime events, creating new components etc.

· Handling performance issues: long running queries, screen loading issues and other application performance issues.

· Monitoring environment/Daily health checks: Environment health checks, component monitoring, space issues /mount point issues, server/component alerts.

· AIX Unix, Solaris, Windows – Siebel version upgrades and other patch upgrades. LDAP/ADSI/S3 authentication configuration and remote user administration.

· Shell scripts and Windows batch script to trigger alerts and other monitoring jobs.

· Migrations: Repository export/import, DDL sync, SRF and other artifacts.

· Work with Oracle technical team (TAM) case of any critical issues and coordinate with various teams such as web server, database and Integration teams.

· Ability to prepare detailed RCA documentation and other relevant technical specs.

· Excellent stakeholder communications

· Exposure to ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) stack desirable.

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