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Role: Performance Tuning Specialist

Location: Cary, NC

Job Type: 3 to 6 Months Contract

Interview Type: Telephonic & Skype

Rate: Per Day Rate (NOTE: Not Hourly rate)


· Performance Testing, Knowledge on Load Runnner/HP Performance Centre, Designing Workload model, Performance script creation, execution and Performance Tuning

· IBM BPM, JMS Messaging, Web UI, Reporting & Tuning

To optimize the software performance with a given hardware and software configuration

(1.) To ensure knowledge up-gradation and work with new technologies so that the performance tuning meets SLA standards and the client requirements

(2.) To analyze the performance issues using log files| test results| heap dumps| thread dumps and other profiling data and coming up with observations/recommendations with Industry best practices

(3.) To support as an SME involving tasks like reviewing test results and other reports| schedule & control performance tuning efforts

(4.) To train and develop team so as to ensure that there is an adequate supply of trained manpower in the performance tuning

(5.) To understand and devise the performance strategy for Application & its architecture| NFRs and Performance issues if any


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