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Role: DevOps Consultant (Build & Release)

Job Location: Washington, DC

Job Type: Permanent (FTE)

Interview Mode: Skype

Detailed JD:

· Manage Code Repository, maintaining code repository, perform and administer

· database baseline, improve practices of branching and code merge, establish process control

· Points

· Develop metrics on build reliability, success rate, cycle time, code quality etc

· Champion and lead efforts on best practices and improvements to current process

o Provides environment setup related assistance by,

· assisting in fixing issues during installation of setup,

· help testing team in getting the setup tested by providing required guidelines for setup & deployment,

· create setup & deployment process document,

· maintaining assembly and application versions as per the builds released

o Improve Setup and Build Process by, automating setup and build related tasks, build a continuous integration system for the supported applications

o Provides guidelines and support for deployment of Releases

o Release Planning: Define Release scope, create plan for building, testing and deploying the Release

o Release Build: Track and ensure all Release components are built and made available for Testing phase

o Release Deployment: Coordinate and execute successful implementation of Release components in live production environment


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