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Position: Z/OS & ISV Mainframe Storage

Location: Chicago, IL

Duration: Long Term Contract

Need to have good skills in z/OS operating System and ISV product management Skills required Specifically to Install, Customize and Manage Mainframe Storage-DASD and Tape Software.

Should have good skill in Installing customizing the following Storage Software on Mainframe

· Oracle StorageTek Library Console (SLC)

· Oracle Virtual Operator Panel (VOP)

· Library Content Manager (LCM)

· Dino Software T-Rex Catalog Management

· Rocket Software Backup Recover Manager (BRM)

· IBM DB2 Image Copies

· IBM z/OS 2.1 Data Facility Dataset Services (DFDSS)

· Innovation Fast Dump Restore (FDR)

· Innovation FDRPAS Data Migration Tool

· Rocket Software Data Backup Supervisor (DBS)

· Chicago-Corp Quikref.

· Oracle VSM-6 and VLE Virtual Tape Libraries

· Oracle Key Manager (OKM) with Key Management Appliance (KMA)

· Streamline SL8500s Library System

· CA Suite of products

· Test Data Management for z/OS, Data Privacy, Access and Move


· BMC Mainview Storage Resource Manager (SRM) StopX37 and Automated Operator

· Good Skills in configuring and managing HITACHI VSP ARRAY

· Computer Associates Vantage

· Oracle / STK Enterprise Library Software (ELS)

· Sun Solaris on KMA

· Oracle ASR

· Microsoft Office (Word Power Point Excel) Outlook Project Visio

· IBM z/OS 2.1 Storage Management System (SMS) and Interactive Storage Management Facility (ISMF)

· IBM z/OS 2.1 Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) and Aggregate Backup Recovery Software (ABARS)

· IBM z/OS 2.1 Job Control Language (JCL)

· IBM z/OS 2.1 Time Sharing Option (TSO) Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF)

· IBM z/OS 2.1 Command List (CLIST) and Restructured Execution Executive (REXX)

· IBM z/OS 2.1 Device Support (ICKDSF) Dataset Utilities and Access Method Services (IDCAMS)

The access methods in use include:

· Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM)

· Basic Sequential Access Method (BSAM)

· Queued Sequential Access Method (QSAM)

· Basic Partitioned Access Method (BPAM)

· Object Access Method (OAM)

· Unix File Services

The communication protocols in use include:

· Mainframe FICON

· Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) / Internet protocol suite (IP) from PC applications

· TCP/IP between Mainframe appliances

· PuTTY w/ TCP/IP to DLm

· MS/Internet Explorer w/TCP/IP to DLm, VNX, DD990


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