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Role: Pivotal Cloud Architect

Location: Memphis – TN

Job Type: FTE

· 10-14 years of overall IT experience

· Ability to provide expert strategic advice for cloud application development, cloud application deployment, private versus public cloud options, virtualization, containerization, and DevOps

· 5+ years of hands on experience in architecture design, implementation and operations

· Complete understanding of CF Architecture (Diego Architecture), CF components and their functionalities

· Experience automation and provisioning of cloud environments using API’s, CLI and scripts.

· Proven experience with DevOps practices and technologies in a software-defined infrastructure environment, delivering Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

· 5+ years in architecting distributed systems, designing secure scalable and elastic architectures

· 5+ customer facing roles reviewing the architecture, working with technical teams and developers

· 8+ experience software development experience using various languages Java/J2EE, using frameworks Sprint/Java, Noded.JS messaging

· Database experience using various RDBMS

· Experience with Cloud Native (micro services, containers/Dockers, Agile) and DevOps (CI/CD)

· Understanding of Cloud design principles

· Good understanding about Network and Security

· Experience with container orchestrators

· Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, to effectively communicate complex technical concepts

· Excellent customer relationship skills

· Self-starter, highly motivated individual and team player who can adapt to changes in customer requirements quickly


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