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Position: MongoDB Consultant

Location: Chicago, IL

Duration: 6+ Months


· Overall 5-8 years of experience with minimum 5 years of MongoDB database administration experience.

· Good if the person is holding MongoDB DBA certification from Mongo University

Technical Requirements

· Excellent experience on MongoDB Administration

· Good understanding of DB schema design, performance tuning and capacity planning

· Operational experience with MongoDB Data Modeling

· Understand and Optimize query performance

· Excellent understanding of MongoDB CRUD operations

· Configure and monitor MongoDB instances

· Configuring MongoDB replica set with members and arbiter

· Managing MongoDB Oplog and journals

· Configure, manage and troubleshoot MongoDB Sharded cluster

· Troubleshoot any problems that may come up with the database environments: performance issues, replication issues, or operational issues.

· Establish and maintain backup, restore and recovery processes.

· Implement and maintain MongoDB OPS Manager/Cloud Manager

· Design and implement HA/DR policies

· Comfortable in using MongoDB tools like, mongostat, mongotop, mongoexport, mongoimport, mongodump, mongorestore etc.

· Database Security management and User Management

· Skilled in performance tuning and optimization, using native monitoring and troubleshooting tools

· Knowledge of Linux system administration skills


· Understand and improve current functionality of the MongoDB server

· Identify, design, implement, test, launch and support next generation features related to scalability, reliability, robustness, usability, security, and performance of MongoDB

· Work with other engineers to coordinate seamless changes in MongoDB infrastructure

· Provide detailed assistance in Design and Deployment of MongoDB server

· Participates in application/DB outage incidents to ensure database integrity and

· functionality

· Defines and maintains database problem reporting, tracking, and resolution procedures.

· Provides proactive input into design issues/constraints, performance tuning, and impact

· analysis of changes.

· Ensure maximum uptime according to the SLA

· Helping team members in case of Issues/Technical Problems

· Research the business needs of our applications and optimize them using MongoDB

· Interact with the MongoDB community at meetups, conferences, and in online forums




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