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Position Automation Engineer / Puppet and Shell / Python Scripting
Location Seattle, WA
Experience 5+ Years

Job Type: Contract

Job Description:

· 2+ years Cloud Workloads and Platform Services Operations and management experience

· Scripting in UNIX shell, Python/Perl is essential to the role

· Experience in developing automation tools including but not limited to Chef, Puppet, Salt, Ansible etc.,

· Experience with systems automation and configuration management (e.g. Puppet, Chef, Salt)

· Experience in continuous integration continuous delivery tools such as Jenkins

· Knowledge of networking protocols, network topologies, masks and private networks (TCP/IP, VLANs, CIDR)

· Strong troubleshooting skills

· Knowledge of common AWS configuration and management

· Experience with Virtualization technologies and distributions of Linux is essential, and Windows Server administration is desirable

· Programming ability with at least one of the following: Perl, Python, PHP, or Ruby AND a Shell language (bash, korn, etc.).

· Support applications, understand and manage Infra Automation

· Knowledge of operational and security best practices, monitoring and trending systems

· Familiarity with cloud environment (vCAC, AWS, EC2, OpenStack, RackSpace, etc.).

· RedHat or VCP certifications are strongly preferred The job also entails sitting as well as working at a computer for extended periods of time. Should be able to communicate by telephone, email or face to face.

· Knowledge of Cluster management and container operational models

What You’ll Do:

· Install, operate and troubleshoot cloud environment

· Plan server upgrades, migrations, builds, other changes in the UNIX (RHEL, Solaris, etc.) environments.

· Perform root cause analysis on critical incidents and events in the servers and networks and provide technical support (for virtual and non-virtual environment)

· Monitor server environment by setting alerts, reviewing error logs and analyzing user traffic patterns

· Analyze data including various logs, traffic trace, and complex configuration data, using tools or programming languages.

· Develop prototypes for automation tools (configuration management and others.)

· Provide capacity analysis and participate in performance test.




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