#JOB – Data Center Network Engineer – Menlo Park, CA (#NetworkEngineer #DataCenter #Cisco #Juniper #MenloPark #California)

Role: DC Network Engineer

Location: Menlo Park, CA

Job Type: Contract

Job Description of ENS DC:

While working in ENS DC, our job duties at a very high level are to maintain the fleet of

network devices. Maintaining the fleet requires to monitor, react, respond, troubleshoot,

and fix the alerts, alarms, and issues in various network devices including but not limited

to Cisco, Juniper, Arista, HP, Force10 switches and routers. With the huge number of devices

customer in datacenters, over time fans, power supplies, optics, cables and sometimes

whole devices fail. ENS DC Team job is to identify what pieces and parts have

failed, and then fix or replace those parts to ensure the network devices run optimally

and redundantly.

Another piece of maintaining the fleet is troubleshooting links between network devices.

Many types of errors can occur on a link and it’s our job to identify if there is an issue,

then troubleshoot the issue to find the root cause, fix the issue, document what we have

fixed and make sure asset databases are updated.


● Install large-scale production and corporate network infrastructure including

routers, switches, console servers and optical transport equipment.

● Physically troubleshoot various network components on network infrastructure including

routers, switches, console servers and optical transport equipment.

● Provide onsite network support and expertise for all teams on the local data center.

Liaison for remote networking teams.

● Verify capacity, draining traffic, suppressing alarms before replacing; optics, line

cards, sup cards.

● Troubleshooting network link/device/configuration issues, isolating the problem,

fixing the problem.

● Creating new RMA requests through OEM vendors for both replacement devices,

as well as obtaining technical assistance when troubleshooting devices.

● Tracking, maintaining and updating asset inventory of defective and replacement


● Troubleshoot, tracing , looping links to locate the physical issue.

● Tracing and isolating cables through patch panels.

● Testing and cleaning fiber optic cables, and optical


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