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Role: SQL Server DBA

Location: Boise, ID

Job Type: Contract


High-level requirements:

Should Have experience of MSSQL Server administration experience including in a mission critical MSSQL 2008/2012 Shared Platform environment (MSSQL 2014 experience is a plus )

• Knowledge of principles and practices in SQL Server Database legacy and new technology.

Extensive hands-on experience with MSSQL Server upgrades/migrations and VMWare environments ( 2012/2014 experience is a plus )

• Management of large transactional database systems (multiples of hundreds of GBs in size)

• Knowledge of High Availability and recoverability of databases in 24/7 environment by using clustering, replication, mirroring, log shipping, backup and restore to meet RTO/RPO objectives ( always-on is a plus )

• Strong command of performance tuning and proven experience in troubleshooting application performance problems (Indexing, Optimizer, server configuration, Profiler, DMV etc) including TSQL programming and debugging skills

• Capability to understand and work in an environment with prime focus on automation and security

Can develop and troubleshoot PowerShell and T-SQL scripts

• Superior communication and analytical thinking skills

• Has ability to work independently and achieve milestones

Enjoys collaboratively interfacing with other Tech leads, developers and application DBAs to solve problems.

Possesses superior communication and analytical thinking skills.

Job Description

As an IT Database Administrator (DBA)  you will work with customers to support the company’s operational, infrastructure, and project needs. You will plan, coordinate, and administer database functions, documentation, upgrades, lifecycle, long-range requirements, operational guidelines, and data protection. You will design, implement, and maintain databases in a client/server environment with respect to quality, flexibility, cost, and capacity/performance, redundancy. You will capture domain knowledge of how the data is used and other meta data useful in the management of large database enterprise.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Manage the health and the capacity of production databases.

• Establish audits/traces to assist in troubleshooting and resolving problems.

• Analyze database performance and implement solutions related to the performance.

• Determine problems, analyze the root cause, and implement solutions.

• Work with customers to determine backup and recovery requirements.

• Collaborate with worldwide counterparts to coordinate database activities (passwords, releases, upgrades, etc.).

• Provide support for large databases/data warehouses.

• Implement technology interactions based on company and industry best practices.

• Build and implement monitors and utilities.

• Provide support to the corporate database infrastructure

• Design and create the infrastructure solutions for enterprise databases.

Provide operational support for enterprise databases.

• Participate in the on-call rotation for 24×7 support.

• Respond to incidents.

• Monitor database error logs and take necessary actions.

• Restore, recover, and backup databases.

• Provide database installations and migrations.

• Apply database upgrades and patches.

• Work directly with customers to resolve data conflicts, inappropriate data usage, and naming standards.

• Manage all aspects database changes (schedule, communicate, impact assessment, etc.).

• Provide support for database access based on appropriate security for applications and end users.

• Work with database vendors for technical support.

• Maintain support documentation, including: FAQs, Knowledge Articles, On-call Guides, Run Books, etc.

Provide database support for company projects.

• Analyze database requirements, including internal and third-party solutions.

• Scope the database tasks required for the project.

• Create a work breakdown structure for the project.

• Advise project managers on database options.

• Advise project managers of database costs (licensing, support, etc.).

• Estimate that duration of tasks for the Planning phase of the project.

• Actively participate in project meetings.

• Coordinate all database support required of the project.

• Document new technologies and system dependencies.

• Transition operational support to the support teams.

• Support data modeling and design.

Meet government and industry compliance requirements.

• Formulate and monitor policies, procedures, and standards per government and industry requirements.

• Perform readiness assessments and compliance health checks.

• Execute compliance controls.

• Determine compliance gaps and threats.

• Follow up on compliance issues.

• Manage compliance process improvements.

Maintain skills and knowledge.

• Leverage available learning resources (SkillSoft, Books 24×7, etc.).

• Learn from mentors and mentor other DBAs.

• Research best practices, current trends, new technology, and techniques and make recommendations to the enterprise architect for changes to the IS roadmap.

• Attend training and implement the information learned.

• Gain domain knowledge of supported areas to enhance database environments.

• Present and share knowledge with peers and customers.

• Participate in communities and/or user groups.


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