#JOB – Data Center Network Engineer – Santa Clara, CA & Menlo Park, CA (#NetworkEngineer #DataCenter #SantaClara #MenloPark #California)

Role: Data Center Network Engineer

Location: Santa Clara, CA & Menlo Park, CA

Job Description of ENS DC:

· While working in ENS DC, our job duties at a very high level are to maintain the fleet of

· network devices. Maintaining the fleet requires to monitor, react, respond, troubleshoot,

· and fix the alerts, alarms, and issues in various network devices including but not limited

· to Cisco, Juniper, Arista, HP, Force10 switches and routers. With the huge number of devices

· customer in datacenters, over time fans, power supplies, optics, cables and sometimes

· whole devices fail. ENS DC Team job is to identify what pieces and parts have

· failed, and then fix or replace those parts to ensure the network devices run optimally

· and redundantly.

· Another piece of maintaining the fleet is troubleshooting links between network devices.

· Many types of errors can occur on a link and it’s our job to identify if there is an issue,

· then troubleshoot the issue to find the root cause, fix the issue, document what we have

· fixed and make sure asset databases are updated.


· Install large-scale production and corporate network infrastructure including

· routers, switches, console servers and optical transport equipment.

· Physically troubleshoot various network components on network infrastructure including

· routers, switches, console servers and optical transport equipment.

· Provide onsite network support and expertise for all teams on the local data center.

· Liaison for remote networking teams.

· Verify capacity, draining traffic, suppressing alarms before replacing; optics, line

· cards, sup cards.

· Troubleshooting network link/device/configuration issues, isolating the problem,

· fixing the problem.

· Creating new RMA requests through OEM vendors for both replacement devices,

· as well as obtaining technical assistance when troubleshooting devices.

· Tracking, maintaining and updating asset inventory of defective and replacement

· parts.

· Troubleshoot, tracing , looping links to locate the physical issue.

· Tracing and isolating cables through patch panels.

· Testing and cleaning fiber optic cables, and optical interfaces.

· Schedule and perform network maintenance, repair, and upgrade tasks as needed

· while limiting the impact on the production network

· Use internal software, tools, and scripts to configure, monitor, and repair network

· equipment

· Working with other teams such as facilities and DC Ops to enlist their assistance

· with items such as power and rack draining.

· Perform queue management for alarms, tasks, and incidents and participate in ongoing

· deployment projects

· There is a significant amount of lifting, walking, pushing carts, carrying heavy devices,

· and climbing ladders involved. We will also be using power tools for various

· tasks.

· Strong working knowledge of Linux OS, CLI navigation, Cisco IOS, Juniper OS and

· bash.

· Auditing switch locations, first locating switch in data center environment by following

· Building, Suit,Row,Column, and Rack position. Updating the database with

· all changes and randomly cross referencing for troubleshooting.


· The ideal candidate will have 7+ years’ experience in data center network support

· Experience with Cisco and Juniper Enterprise and Service Provider network hardware

· platforms and architectures including data center switching platforms.

· Strong working knowledge of routing and switching technologies and protocols

· Demonstrated ability to analyze complex situations and utilize troubleshooting

· skills, systems and tools, and creative problem solving abilities under pressure


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