#JOB – Network Voice – Manhattan, NY- (#NetworkVoice #CiscoIPT #CUCM #UCCX #Gateway )

Title of Position: Network Voice (L-3)

Location: Manhattan, NY

Duration: 3+ months

Employment: Contract

Rate: $Negotiable

Roles & Responsibilities:

This role as an Cisco IPT Engineer is the subject matter expert on developing IPT/ VoIP applications and seeing their QA and smooth integration into the MS Cisco IPT solution.

The candidate will have responsibility for voice applications, including computer telephony, voicemail, recording, and voice conferencing. He/ she will be responsible for seeing the developed software through its life cycle as well as software and hardware co-testing with future IPT code releases.

The role would require creating and updating IPT standards and configuration templates, tracking bugs and vulnerabilities, IPT application exception/alert based monitoring and providing expert level support of the production environment.


This person will be responsible for creating detailed IPT applications for the Cisco IPT, computer telephony, voicemail, recording, and voice conferencing and ensure smooth integration, develop guidelines, standards and configuration templates.

Required Skills:

The successful candidate will have 6+ years of industry experience with a background in operations for systems on Linux server platform.

Experience within Unix/Linux environment and shell/Perl scripting

The candidate will be part of a team that will evaluate, architect and engineer an enterprise Cisco IPT voice solution that will integrate into existing legacy and trader voice system. Additionally, hands-on experience in Cisco SIP call control, IP routing, VoIP deployments and SIP Trunking are necessary.


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