#Job – AIX Administrator (Level 3) – Providence, RI (#AIX #IBMAIX #RhodeIsland)

Contract Job Opportunity

Role: AIX Administrator (Level 3)

Location: Providence, RI

Job Type: Contract

Duration: 6+ Month

Years of Experience: 10+ Years

Job Description :

Technical Requirements – Good Understanding of AIX LVM, – VIOS Server and client configuration Knowledge about Power 4, Power6 & Power 7 Hardware.

· Basic Knowledge of Power HA Cluster configuration,

· Installing, configuring and maintaining IBM AIX Servers

· Installation and configuration of HA environment using HACMP or VERITAS Cluster.

· Configuration and administration of Logical volume manager / VERITAS Volume Manager

· Patch and Package administration – Printer Administration

· Writing shell scripts to accomplish day to day system administration task

· Configuring and supporting Domains, LPARs, DLPARs – Administer & configure various FS like JFS, VxFS, Pseudo FS

· Troubleshooting Hardware and Operating system related issue – Capacity planning and fine tune system for optimal performance – Understanding of SAN and NAS storage.

· Administration of NIS or LDAP environment – Configuring Unix Security baseline

· Troubleshooting H (1.) Incident Management + Change Management (Planning & Execution) On – call Escalation Ticket Quality Process adherence & Security compliance Customer feedback ( Appreciations, CSAT survey results) KB preparation and review, Knowlegde sharing & documentation Root cause analysis / Problem Management + Capicity / Architectural Management SLA compliance for tickets Value Add Training / Mentoring


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#AIXAdministrator #AIX #LVM #Veritas #Power6 #Cluster #IBMAIX

“AIX Administrator”, “AIX”, “LVM”, “Veritas”, “Power6”, “IBM AIX”

#AIXAdministrator #AIX #LVM #Veritas #Power6 #Cluster #IBMAIX

“AIX Administrator”, “AIX”, “LVM”, “Veritas”, “Power6”, “IBM AIX”

#AIXAdministrator #AIX #LVM #Veritas #Power6 #Cluster #IBMAIX

“AIX Administrator”, “AIX”, “LVM”, “Veritas”, “Power6”, “IBM AIX”

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