#JOB – Disaster Recovery Manager – Franklin Lakes, NJ (#DisasterRecovery #RecoveryManager #ITSecurity #NewJersey )

#JOB – Disaster Recovery Manager – Franklin Lakes, NJ (#DisasterRecovery #RecoveryManager #ITSecurity #NewJersey )

Title: Disaster Recovery Manager

Location: Franklin Lakes, NJ

Job Type: Contract

Level: L3


· The Disaster Recovery (DR) Manager will have day to day responsibilities with the production infrastructure, ensuring close collaboration between the operational work and the DR program. These responsibilities include managing professional staff, providing strategic and day to day direction.

· The DR Manager will work in-depth with virtualization, backup, and other infrastructure technologies. The DR Manager will develop and annually update disaster recovery plans.

· Will regularly test the plan by serving as the project manager for recovery testing, including planning the tests, working with all involved areas to allocate staff time, communicate the status of the testing effort to technical and non-technical constituents, and produce a test report and updated recovery plan as outcomes.

· Leads the development and maintenance of the DR Program (and any other projects assigned and suggest improvement to Disaster Recovery Program).

· Manage end to end DR lifecycle of IT infrastructure of critical applications, data centers, and remote sites

· Produce standard DR Deliverables including: BIA, DR plans, Test Plans, Test Reports, schedules, Executive Summary Report and DR Plans.

· Reviews and address gaps with business/disaster recovery strategies

· Perform Application Technical Dependency Analysis, Gap Analysis and Strategy Development that enables technology to be mapped to Business Processes.

· Development of Data and outsourcing centers Disaster Recovery and Availability requirements, Plans, and strategies

· Communicate with various response teams during testing, actual execution of recovery procedures and supports the design, development, implementation and administration of DR solutions.

· • Identification and communication of DR risks, and the development of risk mitigation strategies and escalation procedures.

· Make recommendations to the user community and the operations group on system enhancements, design and administer programs to include policies, standards, guidelines, training programs and a viable quality assurance process for disaster recovery.

· Perform training and exercise activities and metrics.

· Coordinate across organization to ensure that all team members participate as needed.


· 5 + Years of BCP/Disaster Leadership experience a must.

· 10+ years of Information Security management.

· Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university in Computer Sciences or Management Information Systems; Master of Business Administration (MBA) preferred

· Technology experience, including but not limited to server (WAN, LAN, authentication systems, Wintel, Solaris, Unix, Mainframe, Oracle, UNIX), storage (SAN / NAS), virtualization technology (VMware, KVM, LPAR, LDOM), automation, high availability architecture, and data center computing transformation )

· Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as technical, analytical and problem solving ability

· ITIL experience a plus

· IT Policy experience (creation of policies, compliance) a plus

· Demonstrated knowledge and skills in the following competencies: leadership, project management, information technology, creativity, business analysis and problem solving,

· Excellent communication and documentation skills; Must be able to facilitate calls clearly and professionally

· Availability and willingness to travel occasionally to other locations for business.


#DisasterRecovery #RecoveryManager #DisastereLead #InformationSecurity #ITSecurity #ITIL #Compliance #Servers #Storage #Virtualization #DataCenter #Job #Jobs

#DisasterRecovery #RecoveryManager #DisastereLead #InformationSecurity #ITSecurity #ITIL #Compliance #Servers #Storage #Virtualization #DataCenter #Job #Jobs


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